We offer short and long-term provision of services by our key engineers for lower, middle, and upper management at both OEM and TIER-n plants. Expertise is always dependent on specific demands and clearly defined customer requirements.

Individual activities and responsibilities are then precisely detailed and entered into the Kick-off protocol, which is signed by both contract parties at the beginning of the project. Customer satisfaction is regularly monitored by the project manager throughout the project and completion of activities is evaluated by a short customer satisfaction questionnaire.

Customers across the industry use us for following services:

  • development
  • technical preparation of production
  • customer and supplier quality
  • production
  • logistics
  • and more

Summary of service portfolio:

  • support and development of suppliers
  • Interim management
  • consultancy, coaching, and audits
  • negotiations with customers, solving problems for the customer or the supplier
  • standard quality tools (8D report, MSA, SPC, 5 Why, ...)
  • specific customer requirements in the automotive industry (VW, BMW, GM, PSA, ...)
  • problem solving in production, support in setting and implementing measures
  • implementation of the quality system (IATF 16949, VW - Formel Q, ...)
  • systematic methods for improving processes
  • reorganisation of in-company processes, optimisation of production and information flows